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Welcome to "fc-design" web site.
We are the developers of fuel injection technology for small engine.
We are preparing english documents of some products.
You will get more information (or hints) from automatic translation pages.

If you have any question,please contact us.
e-mail : :
Fc-design BBS.

Please confirm the price and the delivery date to us first.
We answer them and the bank account numbers.
Please remit the price directly from international bank. After it is confirmed, we are shipping the product by EMS.
We are avoiding export to the EU countries for the limitation of RoHS.(our stock products.)

"FI-M digital" Fuel Injection System for Eco Marathon.

FI-M digital is designed only for Eco Marathon. It is a development version of Fi-M that team Fancy Carol has used to race. It contributed to the new world record of 4079.1km/L that the team got. It is very simple and easy setting by the dial. Injection control is just only for idling and wide open throttle.
The fuel injection control of Fi-M digital is completely same as old Fi-M. "Meter function" is equipped as a new feature in "Fi-M digital controller".

Feature of Fi-M.
  • Simple fuel injection system for ECO MARATHON vehicle.
  • Only two settings to determine "Injection Time","WOT" and "Idle". (*WOT:Wide Open Throttle)
  • Pump control function.
  • Revolution speed limitter.
  • Prior fuel injection for engine start.
Additional feature of Fi-M digital.
  • The controller can display the following engine / vehicle data in "Meter function".
    • Amount of fuel [cc] ( = [Sum of the fuel injection time] * [The injector flow rate] )
    • Runing Distance(Trip) & Total runing distance(ODO).
    • Fuel consumption. ( = Runing Distance / Amount of fuel [km/L] )
    • Vehicle speed. [km/h]
    • Engine speed. [r.p.m.]
    • Engine hour meter.[h.m.s]
    • Supplied voltage. [Volts]
    • Temperature. [degree Celsius]

Download Fi-M digital user manual(PDF).

"FI" Electronic Fuel Injection System for Motorcycle.(Single or Twin engine)

FI is full setting version . it is for motorcycle competition. And also for Eco marathon. Injection control is for full engine operation by personal computer. There are many adjustment parameters.

[ Outline. ]

I ) Throttle bore is 16mm or 32mm.
II ) Throttle body, electronic contorol unit and wire, and pump and pipe, and etc. are contained in this product.
III) Control Softwear (for Windows(*) only) is contained in this product.(Install CD-ROM)

[ Specifications. ]

a) Throttle Body.
  1. 16mm bore for 50cc & Eco Marathon. 32mm bore for Honda Monkey, Ape, etc.
  2. With 1 Injector.(16mm), 2 Injectors(32mm)
  3. With Throttle Sensor.

b) Electronic control unit.
  1. There is 31X31 size Basic Map. (See section 1-4 of manual)
  2. There are 6 compensations. (See section 1-5 of manual)
  3. Pump control function.(See section 1-6 of manual)
  4. Basic Control : "Throttle-Speed"(alpha-N)version and "Speed-Density"(D-JETRO) version.
  5. Option : Boost Compensation (TURBO etc...)
  6. You need a Windows(*) computer with serial port( or USB port and USB-serial converter), in order to change a injection setup of ECU.(*Windows(R)Xp,2000,ME,98 second edition.)
  7. Internal data logging function.(about 7 minutes.) * The new function of ver.

[ Manuals. ]
  1. DOWNLOAD MANUAL(PDF) - English.

  2. DOWNLOAD MANUAL(PDF) - Japanese.

  3. DOWNLOAD - information for general purpose(PDF)

  4. DOWNLOAD startup manual(PDF) - english.

  5. DOWNLOAD Wiring manual(PDF) - english.

[ Demo program. ]

  This is the program for edit "injection settings".
  This demonstration program has some restrictions.
  • You can not send "injection setting" to ECU.
  • You can not recieve "injection setting" from ECU.
  • You can browse and edit only "Sample Setting File" on this program.
  • Please read install.txt before download program.

  First of all, please download each file to your computer.
  Please see install.txt for details.
  (Sorry. We are preparing the corrected program now. )
  • Setup Program for Windows(R)Xp,2000,(Me)
  • Setup Program for Windows(R)98SE,Me ("Zip" compressed file*)
    (* Need Winzip,etc. to extract)
  • (right click and "save to the computer")
    ( sample.swp - download to your computer and use "Open file" command of demo program.)

Copyright(C) FC Design Co.Ltd. 1998-2007
Fuchu-chou Aki-gun Hiroshima Japan