FancyCarol is Ecomarothon Team in Japan
ホーム エコマラソンとは? 活動概要 技術情報 エコラン掲示板 リンク 管理者 問い合わせ
Kochi highway opening festival 1998
春一番開道祭 高知エコパワーレース
In the maximum height difference 40.3m of mountain course more than suzuka circuit
we got 1377.64km/l course record.
Our proposal for installing higher accurate measurement system of air pressured FI in our engine was accepted.
This was a first time and a impressive event for fair competition in the Japanese fuel economy race,
because Japanese race has been had a big problem of miss measurement of fuel consumption for long time.
We esteem organizers of Toyota Vista Kochi very much. And we hope this system will accept in the any other race in Japan.
大会公式結果 Official Resuits
Pos Team km/l class
1 Fancy Carol-NOK 1377.64 I
2 爽風会スズカレーシングチーム
Sofukai-suzuka racing team
815.39 I
3 Team T−ARK 741.24 I
4 和歌山工業高校機械工作クラブ
Machine craft club of wakayama technical high school
727.09 II
5 Team ENDLESS 694.72 I
6 team LWJ 651.10 I
7 愛知県立名南工業高校
Meinan technical high school
612.86 I
8 兵庫科学技術専門学校B
Hyogo technological school B
600.94 III
9 TEAMプーヤンとその仲間たち
Puyan with his friends
582.36 I
10 国士館大学withモビリティ
Kokushikan university with mobility
568.02 III